The total time investment for a guest to record an episode of the All Things Auth Podcast is ~2 hours.

Step 1: Ice Breaker chat 👋

Choose a slot on the Ice Breaker calendar.

This will give us a chance to get to know each other without the stress of recording anything. We will discuss which topics and questions would make a great episode. If we both think there is a match, then we will schedule another time slot to record an episode!

Step 2: Prep for the recording 📝

Choose a slot on the Podcast Episode calendar for us to record our episode!

Email me a picture of yourself and I will add you as an upcoming guest to the Podcast page. We can both promote the upcoming recording on social media to get people excited.

I will do some additional research, including reading through through my notes from our Ice Breaker chat and any articles/blog posts/talks/links that you send me. Then, I will email you a high level outline of the story that we aim to tell in our episode. However, we should absolutely chase interesting tangents and side stories during the recording. The outline is more a guideline than actual rules!

Step 3: Record the episode! 🎙

I will send you a custom link to a Squadcast session, which we will use to actually record the episode. All you need is a modern browser; no accounts to create or software to install!

Plan to spend a max of 90 minutes for the recording; I anticipate episodes being ~45-60 minutes, so we have some buffer for technical snafus, chatting before we hit record, etc.

During the recording, all you have to do is talk! It is my job to set you up for success, keep us on track, and watch the time.

Step 4: After the recording 😎

I will edit the episode, write the show notes, and let you know when it will be published. After the episode goes live, we high five each other for a job well done and promote the episode on social media!