All Things Auth is certainly not the only community of people who are passionate about solving auth related challenges. We are excited to connect with other creators, researchers, users, advocates, and thought leaders who are working on creative solutions, products, and projects of all kinds.

This podcast will be great for users to understand some of the solutions out there that they can use to be more secure online; designers and tech writers who want to get a better understanding of how the technical implementations work; engineers who want to understand which third party solutions they can leverage instead of reinventing the wheel; and business leaders who want to learn how to prioritize security with other business priorities.

Episode ideas

We would love to talk to founders, key employees, contributors, maintainers, thought leaders, researchers, advocates, and others! Share your ideas with us at podcast@allthingsauth.com!

  • Password managers, such as 1password, LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper, and many others.
  • Multi factor authentication (MFA) focused solutions, such as Authy, Duo, SaasPass, Auth0, Yubico, SecureAuth, FreeOtp and many others.
  • Enterprise identity management solutions, such as Okta, OneLogin.
  • Companies building solutions and products using biometrics.
  • The folks at the FIDO Alliance and others working on auth related specifications to move the industry forward.
  • The creators of the EFF's Surveillance Self Defense project.
  • The editors of Citizen Lab's Security Planner.
  • Academics and general researchers!
  • The Google Security, Privacy & Abuse Research team and many other organizations who have conducted surveys and run studies.
  • Members of the security and privacy teams at any company smart/lucky enough to have such a team!
  • Designers who preach the importance of UX in the context of security.
  • Tech writers who have worked to improve how security concepts are communicated to end-users.
  • Engineers who have built auth solutions that focused not only on the technical implementation, but also prioritized the user experience.
  • Teams who have used customer behavior metrics to improve the security features in their service.
  • ...and countless more that we cannot think of right now.

Please send any episode ideas/feedback/comments to podcast@allthingsauth.com!