Your Engineering team is always on the same page as your Sales team, right? They never miscommunicate with Design, UX, or Customer Success either, right? Yea, I didn’t think so. Simon Moffatt explains what a Product Manager actually does and why the role is critical to building better software.

Show Notes

Simon Moffatt, a Technical Product Manager at ForgeRock, joins me to discuss why a Product Manager is a critical role within any organization that aims to create usable security and privacy technologies. We discuss what, exactly, a PM actually does and why they are the critical hub between all departments, teams, and areas of the business.

While most companies have a never ending list of TODO items, Simon explains why it is important to have a DO NOT list.

Should PMs come from a technical background, a sales background, or is it better to be a polyglot with a range of experience? How can companies create product road maps that they will actually stick to and avoid the trap of sales-driven engineering?

We also discuss security compliance and how market failures lead to standards and regulation to protect end-users.

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Resources mentioned in episode

  • Simon mentions how The Lean Startup advocates a quick learning cycle to capitalize on user feedback to improve your products.
  • Simon also writes articles on The Cyber Hut.

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